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35multimedia has top-class photography studios, that will never fail to impress. Offering the perfect solutions for product photography, as well as baby photoshoots. With in-studio photography, we control the elements. Our well lit studios will capture that perfect shade, shadow, or reflection. In order for us to stay on top of our game, we continue to reinvest in the latest equipment.

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Reminisce For Generations

Capturing moments and sharing your experiences with your loved ones. Giving you and your family nostalgic feelings for years to come. 

Ask about our Event Packages, which includes photography and a creative video of your event.

Not only do we work weekends but we also work on holidays so that your family can feel at ease while your precious moments are being captured.

35multimedia is skilled in on-location photography.

By letting nature take its course, we're able seize the best snap-shots for you. We assure you that you’ll love our unique approach to photoshoots. With our creative skills and advanced equipment, will give life and color to your pictures.

We have eye for producing unique creatives for your brand advertisements

Your brand has a personality. Whether you are a small business owner, an artist, or an entrepreneur, it is crucial to have consistent branding across all of your platforms. These creatives have done just that for our clients and can do the same for you. We can convey messages through your products or services. Increasing traffic to your platforms and helping your audience or clients get a better understanding of your brand.




  • Silver Package includes Event photography, 3 hours of shooting, and 75 retouched images. From just $200 + $100 per additional hour over 2 hour minimum. Gold Package includes Silver Package + 4 hours of shooting, 100 retouched images. From just $300 + $100 per additional hour over an agreed time. Platinum Package includes a Free on-site photo booth, 125 retouched images, two photographers. $500 + $100 per extra hour over 2-hour minimum.



Brand Photography

  • Silver Package includes: Business Establishment Photos. From just $200 + $75 per additional hour over the agreed time. Gold Package includes: Silver Package + Product Photography. From just $400 + $100 per additional hour over the agreed time. Platinum Package includes: Gold Package + Drone Shots of Business Establishment, Google 360 Photos. $600 + $150 per additional hour over agreed time.

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